Who We Are

Our purpose is to promote self esteem and enrich the lives of children in foster care in Washington State by providing resources, opportunites and activites.

We are looking for businesses, associations, church groups, employee groups, service clubs, and individuals to partner with them on drives, fundraising and providing for special needs.

You can make the life of a foster child brighter with a donation to Capital Kids Connection. CKC is an all volunteer effort, so your donation directly applies to each child's special need. Your generosity is then leveraged to provide maximum goods and services. All donations are tax deductable.

Children in foster care are just regular kids, but life has been especially hard on them. They come into foster care because of abuse or neglect without the advantages of opportunities to enhance their lives. They are in care through no fault of their own. They need your help to have some of the positive experiences most children have as part of a normal childhood.

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